Born October 24th (United Nation's Day) in 1973, Adrian Johnson aka “AJ THE GRINDA” left his little small town of Hayti, MO (Pop. 5,324) and headed to Milwaukee with his mother at the young age of two. In Milwaukee, he learned how to survive in one of the poorest zip codes (53206) in America. From gangs to drugs, he'd done it all. Thanking GOD all the time for steering him towards Music at 13 years old, AJ THE GRINDA began splitting his time in the studio and the streets by the age of 15 by paying for his own studio time with producers who didn't fully understand the Street Rap sound.

By 17, he knew he wanted his own Record Label and started reading how to do it. Years of Music Producing and saving money year after year while also making songs and writing manuscripts of the street life went by.

Before he knew it, his company had developed the means needed to personally finance his goals. 

22 years later (2023), AJ THE GRINDA--after many, many years in the making is FINALLY ready to introduce his products to the WORLD! 

One of the realist to ever grab a pen and a mic, AJ THE GRINDA will become a household name you can count on to give you the window to the streets you've been wondering about.

Come and take this journey with him as he Guide and Deliver you through the heartless and heartfelt streets of Milwaukee, WI from your own personal space of comfort and safety.

AJ THE GRINDA is a Novelist, Urban Rap Artist, and Music Producer who came from the trenches of the one of the deadliest cities in the United States of America. 

His Creative Works are meant to entertain, educate, and inspire you.