To ALL my GRINDAZ around the WORLD!!!

I would first like to Thank You for all of your support! Your subscription speaks volumes about your satisfaction with my Creative Works and you have earned my Love and Respect in the process!

READ X RAP is a concept I came up with several years ago (2015) while I was in the hospital waiting for my son Ayedon to be born.

Why not RAP X READ? Well, you Read before you listen to Rap with my Collection. 

They basically are Urban Crime-Thriller Novels and Urban Rap Music Albums that work together to create a pure feeling of emotional enjoyment and satisfaction.


Sure, you can just play the music or read the book separately because they each hold their own weight, but to TRULY experience the energy I transferred into each project, I recommend reading a Chapter until you reach the Chapter/Rap title within the character's conversation and then immediately play the corresponding song named after it--then finish reading the chapter. 

READ X RAP's Audio Books will do it all for you! Just chill out and listen to me Narrate and Rap about Urban life.

The locations of my Novels can stretch as far as my imagination but I primarily focus my stories in my beloved home City of Milwaukee. 

My Music is based on the street life of Milwaukee as well.

This 1st Blog post is called:



Because I was supposed to fail! I was supposed to let gang violence, felony court cases, drugs, guns, heartbreak, incarceration, depression, weight gain, and poverty stop me from doing what I LOVE to do!

Honestly speaking, I'm an introverted Scorpio who is very secretive in nature too.

I don't like feeling crowded and I often feel like I don't fit in around people.

That's what a lifetime in the streets do--it makes you feel separated from the rest of society. 

Being a "Forever Felon" doesn't help either. 

But NONE of my faults and shortcomings should have the power to make me give up!!

And YOU shouldn't either!!

Yeah, we face difficult challenges in our lives. Some of them are emotionally and mentally draining, but that doesn't mean you should throw in the towel and just walk away.

Sometimes you have grow mentally by gaining new specific knowledge to help you.

Look, I've NEVER made an attempt to sign with a Record Label for a several key reasons:

1. I don't like a boss over my head; 

2. I don't want somebody else's beef;

3. I don't like to depend on people; and

4. I ALWAYS believed since I was 17 years old that I can run my OWN Independent Record Company.

That means I've never had a Label Advance to jump-start my lifesyle to fame and riches.

It was quite the opposite for me, I started ONE-WORLD RECORDS in 2001. 22 years of constant grinding! Day and Night - Night and Day - I had to grind fa mine!

So remember, FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION for you too and welcome to my family!!!








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